Friday, April 23, 2010

Todays news

Octomum feels guilty over having her eight children. No, really? What a surprise..

Swedish Crown Princess Victoria gets criticized for wanting her father to give her away. Her traditional thinking provokes women liberators and suddenly the very modern Victoria is said to be unmodern and a destroyer of the fight for the liberation of women. What they don’t reflect over is that perhaps she has a mind of her own and has made a conscious choice to be given away. I get so fed up over this fight that clearly goes too far at times, it has almost become pathetic and tiring. In Sweden anyway. Get over yourselves and let women chose for themselves!

And finally, an old Swedish couple who’s lived together for 63 years is now forced into separate homes by authorities. It sickens me! How can people be so cruel? How can they live with themselves? It makes me really really hope that they themselves be forced from their loved one the final years of their life. Again; sickening!

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