Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A little piece of paradise

In the year of 1891. Europe’s aristocracy and upper classes sought new and exciting destinations with spectacular scenery. The clientele for which the Union Hotel in Øye by the Hjørund fjord opened its doors that year was fastidious. The guest register showed a line of success: Queen Willemina of the Netherlands, Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany, King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway, and Queen Maud and King Haakon VII of Norway were some of the royalty who enjoyed their stay.

The historical hotel was restored in the original style in 1989, and now appears as it did in its heyday. All rooms are deliberately without TV, radio and telephone to give the hotel an even stronger feeling of La Belle Époque.

Union Hotel is in and eyesight from the fjords, the mountains and the scenic Norangs-valley - one of the narrowest valleys in Norway with only 250 meters from side to side.  The British mountaineer William Cecil Slingsby - the discoverer of the Norwegian mountains said it has “the proudest view in Europe”.

The hotel is a member of Historic Hotels of Europe.

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