Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Sofiero Palace and Gardens in Helsingborg has been named “Europe’s Best Park 2010“, becoming the first Swedish park to receive the prestigious award. And by looking at these beautiful pictures it’s not hard to understand the choice.

In 1865, Swedish Crown Prince and Princess Oscar and Sophia built the summer castle Sophie-Ro. In 1905 the newlywed Gustaf Adolf and Margareta was given the castle as a wedding gift and Margareta created with great pleasure the garden. Her parents, who owned the castle Bagshot, in England were both interested in gardening and her father who several times visited Japan brought back plants and inspiration, which affected Margareta’s gardening interest.

When Gustaf Adolf died in 1973, he left Sofiero to Helsingborg city and today the garden is a blossoming oasis, with exhibitions, activities and arrangements. In the garden there are approximately 10 000 Rhododendron bushes of 300 different sorts and equal many hybrids. Sofiero has northern Europe’s largest collection of Rhododendron.


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A Perfect Gray said...

stunning garden beauty. love the red bench among the hostas.....