Saturday, April 24, 2010

Good morning

Woke up at six. It has become a habit lately, but it’s okay, the sun is shining, it’s seven degrees outside. For now. It’ll probably get higher during the day and that’s perfect since I’m visiting a friend with a garden. We’ll sit out there and talk about all and nothing while her lovely cat hunts flies and birds and ants. I’m bringing fruit and she’s got coffee. I can’t wait!

The day before yesterday I sunned in solarium and hm.. perhaps I shouldn’t have sunned as long as half an hour the first time this spring. Today I’m “kind of” red. I never learn. I want to get color as fast as possible and end up like a lobster the first couple of times. Anyone else have that problem?

Today’s news: In a hospital in Barcelona, Spain a man got a full facial transplant after a shooting accident destroyed his face. It’s the first time ever the doctors have succeeded in this. The man couldn’t breath, eat or swallow before but now he has facial muscles, skin, nose, lips, upper and lower jaw, teeth, palate and cheek bones.

The operation was done on the 20th of March and more than 30 nurses, doctors, surgeons and assistants participated. They operated for 24 hours before the man had his new face.

He has seen the results and is happy with it.


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