Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rustic outdoors

During the Winter, plants and pots sits in the garage workshop, but when Spring arrives they move out in the sun.  The owners have designed the plant table themselves and it’s a perfect working place.


The old garage has been renovated with Cement floor and ceiling tree balks. I love the colour of the tree!

Most of the furniture has been found at flee markets and auctions, and the working tables, as mentioned, the owners made themselves.


The plane bench cost just about nothing at an auction and the garden tools was bought used in Sweden.


The doors, with original numbers still intact, come from an old drying room.


Outdoor kitchen. What a dream a hot summer! This mobile kitchen is self made and just so smart and pretty.



Acquired Objects said...

That is the best looking garage I've ever seen. We still have snow on the ground I think spring forgot us this year...sigh.

LENE said...

Jeg vil gjerne ha plantebenken med innholdet på det første bilde.
Håper du har det bra og at vi snart får en snakk.
Skal til boktrykkeri i Brevik i dag - spennende...
Masse klemmer