Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Norwegian beanbag, for sure.

A beanbag with the traditional Norwegian Marius pattern. So cool!

The pattern was designed in 1953, by Unn Søiland and named after the Norwegian Alpine skier Marius Eriksen. Today it is the most sold and knitted pattern in the world.

Marius BeanbagMarius Beanbag
Source: Pur Norsk

And here are some other photos of “Marius”. The original is black, white and red and is often confused with the red, white and blue. The latter was designed the year before.

marius originalmarius, red, white, bluemarius original coloursmarius childrend&g mariusd&g mariusd&g marius

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Acquired Objects said...

Beautiful sweaters and outer wear love the patterns. Beanbags in the US went out of style for the most part and probably because they weren't as attractive.