Friday, February 15, 2013

I have moved my blog

Hi everyone,
I have more or less stopped blogging here. Instead you can find me here. I hope to see you there!
Thanks to all of you for following me! Big hug to you.

Monday, December 24, 2012

O holy night…

This is our Christmas tree. I can watch it forever – it brings such peace and happiness to my soul. What would Christmas be without the tree? Really?

Happy Christmas to you all. May it be peaceful and joyus!

christmas treechristmas tree

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas is here

I know I’ve been absent. I really haven’t had any inspiration and I have trouble using the keyboard since my hands are really shaky. It’s a genetic thing that I’ve had for years. The last year it’s gotten worse, though and I’ve had to see a Doctor about it. This week I’ll be getting medicine for it – some kind of Beta blockers and hopefully it’ll get better.

I’ll try and fix the inspiration thing. Let’s start with this years Advent candle holder.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kristine Vikse

This poncho-sweater is from the Winter 2012 collection of Norwegian designer Kristine Vikse. There’s so much to chose from but I think this would be my first choice. It looks so warm and comfy.

kristine vikse
Photo from

Our wonderful, wonderful world

Just a few amazing photos to brighten your day.

Thassos, Giola lagoon, GreeceKeukenhof Gardens - NetherlandsWaterfall Castle Picture by Frederic St ArnaudGreenSafe and surroundedSail awayPadre Bay Lake Powell, USAPetra, JordanMolokai, HawaiiRice Fields in ChinaYellowstone National ParkMeander
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fair Fall

We’re going for a walk later on and I’ll see if I can get some nice photos. There’s no Sun here though, so they probably won’t be as beautiful as this one, of Mount Fuji in Japan.

Enjoy your day!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Solvang–Danish in California

Did you know that there’s a little bit of Denmark, right in the middle of California? The town of Solvang is located in between San Francisco and Los Angeles and entering this tiny village you can’t help smiling. It’s bizarre and surreal – you see Denmark all around you (and a little bit of the Netherlands too, for some reason).

Copenhagen road, Arne’s Aebleskiver, Danish bakery, Julehus, Hans Christian Andersen, Runde Tårn and the little Mermaid are some of the sights. Houses built in old Danish style are dominating the city picture and people smiling everywhere, welcoming you as a fellow Scandinavian. It just so happens that I’m half Danish and I visited Solvang back in 2005. It would have been a crime not to, since we drove right through it, more or less.

Solvang means “sunny fields” and seing the picture below you get the idea. It suits both this field and the yellow ones you find all over in Denmark.


The town was founded back in 1911 by theologist Benedict Nordentoft,  pastor Jens M. Gregersen and lecturer Peder P. Hornsyld, wishing for a colony somewhere warm, far from the Midwestern Winters. The population today is just over 5000 and it became a city in 1985.


When I visited, the third weekend in September, the traditional “Danish Days” was celebrated, as it’s been since 1936. They have eating competitions, processions through the downtown area with floats, marching groups, dancing, and singing. During these “Danish Days” you can have a couple of Danish delicacies, Medisterpølser and Æbleskiver.

Buildings in the half-timbered style of Danish rural houses dominate the town, even though Scandinavians point out that these have nothing to do with the original immigrants, but rather make for a huge tourist attraction.


As mentioned, there are many copies of Danish sightseeings. One is Runde Tårn, that is orignially located in the middle of Copenhagen and is Europes oldest observatory, built in 1637. The tower situated in Solvang is 1/3 of the one in Copenhagen, and houses a pizza place.

runde tårn copenhagenround tower solvanground tower solvang

The little Mermaid has it’s place, of course.

den lille havfrue in copenhagenthe little mermaid in solvang

H.C Andersen, the great Danish writer.

h.c andersen



Christmas whenever you want.

Image source: and

So, do you want to have a bit of Danish extreme, Solvang is the place. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall is here for real

It’s snowing up North, down here thousands of leafs in all colours are covering the ground. It’s kind of sunny, though, so I guess one should be grateful.



Sunday, October 14, 2012

Childrens knitting from Dale

I simply love Norwegian Dale. They make beautiful knitting design. Just have a look at these childrens clothes. There’s more at Husfliden.

dale strikk kidz1dale strikk kidz2dale strikk kidz3dale strikk kidz4
Source: Dale Garn