Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rustic outdoors

During the Winter, plants and pots sits in the garage workshop, but when Spring arrives they move out in the sun.  The owners have designed the plant table themselves and it’s a perfect working place.


The old garage has been renovated with Cement floor and ceiling tree balks. I love the colour of the tree!

Most of the furniture has been found at flee markets and auctions, and the working tables, as mentioned, the owners made themselves.


The plane bench cost just about nothing at an auction and the garden tools was bought used in Sweden.


The doors, with original numbers still intact, come from an old drying room.


Outdoor kitchen. What a dream a hot summer! This mobile kitchen is self made and just so smart and pretty.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

And just for the sake of it.

Here are a few more photos of climbing Roses. Happy Sunday to you (the sun is shining here)! :)


Pretty Rosy

So. It’s Sunday. 20th of March. Bare ground haven’t been spotted since midst November. It is now officially reported missing. The birds are starting to sing Spring love songs. And today, when I got up to heal my hurting head, the horizon was in cascades of clear Pink and deep Orange. And it was light outside. So, Spring is here. The problem is only; it isn’t here yet.

To celebrate the Spring That Isn’t Here, I thought I’d show you a very pretty (of course) Rose that bears my name. I’m amazed! I never thought I’d find a flower that had the same name as I.

Apparently it is a climbing Rose, from the family Hybrid Teas. It’s quite thorny (well, so am I), large and with a darker or vibrant shade of Orange. And it is continuously blooming. I think I’ll get me one of these. Or two.

So behold; the Rose Bettina.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

First day of Spring!

Bumpy roads from four months with loads of snow, but bare. White as long as the eye can see, but warm sun. Cold, but Celsius high above Zero. Slide roof, wind in the hair, clear blue sky. The very first day of Spring has come, finally!

We took a ride in the car, drove out to the Nynäs Castle, just outside of Nyköping. And it was WONDERFUL!!!

nynäs castle - stablesnynäs castle - stablesnynäs castle - old, traditional wooden fencenynäs castlenynäs castle - the conservatoryold windmillbälinge churchbälinge churchbälinge churchbälinge church

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ray Charles & Willy Nelson

This version of “Seven Spanish angels” is simply beautiful. It finds the way right into your heart!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Clever mill conversion

Take an old mill and some stables in Wales, and convert it into a pretty family home and you’re sure to win the English, Best Period Renovation Readers’ Awards, which is what former fashion designer Linda Cobbett did. And here’s the result.

Source: Period Living

Norwegian beanbag, for sure.

A beanbag with the traditional Norwegian Marius pattern. So cool!

The pattern was designed in 1953, by Unn Søiland and named after the Norwegian Alpine skier Marius Eriksen. Today it is the most sold and knitted pattern in the world.

Marius BeanbagMarius Beanbag
Source: Pur Norsk

And here are some other photos of “Marius”. The original is black, white and red and is often confused with the red, white and blue. The latter was designed the year before.

marius originalmarius, red, white, bluemarius original coloursmarius childrend&g mariusd&g mariusd&g marius