Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pretty Rosy

So. It’s Sunday. 20th of March. Bare ground haven’t been spotted since midst November. It is now officially reported missing. The birds are starting to sing Spring love songs. And today, when I got up to heal my hurting head, the horizon was in cascades of clear Pink and deep Orange. And it was light outside. So, Spring is here. The problem is only; it isn’t here yet.

To celebrate the Spring That Isn’t Here, I thought I’d show you a very pretty (of course) Rose that bears my name. I’m amazed! I never thought I’d find a flower that had the same name as I.

Apparently it is a climbing Rose, from the family Hybrid Teas. It’s quite thorny (well, so am I), large and with a darker or vibrant shade of Orange. And it is continuously blooming. I think I’ll get me one of these. Or two.

So behold; the Rose Bettina.


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