Friday, February 18, 2011

What the heck happened?

Normally I don’t mind being without make up, I’ve always considered my face to look okay anyway. But today, when I looked (stared) at myself in the bathroom mirror I actually almost freaked out a bit. What happened? When did I start to look so… old? When did I stop looking like a fresh flower in a sunny summer morning? (I would show you a picture but I’m afraid to ruin your day.)

I can’t escape my years anymore. I won’t ever be mistaken for too young to buy alcohol. Nobody will ever ask me for ID.

It’s time for drastic measures. Jeez… is that day already here? My Man says I look beautiful but he must be lying, maybe he simply hasn’t looked at my face. Ever.

And while we’re talking about this crisis situation; I discovered that my hands aren’t all that young either.

I’ve done all the right things. Cleaned my face everyday (well perhaps not everyday but who’s counting). I’ve used eye cream, day cream, masks, sun cream, all creams one can think of. The industry has made a fortune on me and that’s all it is, I guess, a fortune for them, wrinkles for me. Thank you so much Biotherm, L’Oreal, Lancôme, and all you other magic makers out there. Have a look at my face and you’ll really see the magic.

Okay, so it’s that time of the month, and we all know what that does to ones skin. Bad things. Horrible things. You want to cry hysterically when you by accident see yourself in the mirror. I didn’t do that, instead I did my own magic. Used all the make up I could find (just about) and now I almost look like I’m headed for my first date. I kind of am, though, if one thinks about it. My first date with A.G.E.

The person who invented make up should really get a Nobel Prize!

Aging happens in small steps you don’t notice. Today is one of them. Enjoy!

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