Friday, February 18, 2011

Jennifer Aniston in newest Allure

Question: Jennifer Aniston turned 42 just the other day. In the latest Allure she’s styled to look like a teenager. What’s up with that? Age crises (like me)? Why didn’t they style her the age she actually is? Let’s face it, she’s one of the most beautiful 42 year olds I’ve ever seen. But is that really a reason to make her look like a child? Irritating and frustrating. She’s contributing to the strange ideals women struggle with today. Have a look.



Acquired Objects said...

I'm with you what's wrong with styling her to look her age? I'm 50 years young and trust me I love life more now then when I was younger.Be proud of who you are and where you've been!

Bettina said...

I totally agree. Ageing with grace is what we all should focus on. Not trying to be younger than we are. Age makes us wiser and gives us character. I guess, the trick is to see each and every line as an episode in our lives that made us learn something. ;)