Monday, February 7, 2011


This weekend we had a friend, Madeleine, staying here. She’s taking a course in Neuro Linguistic Psychology at Inner Power Centre and she practised on me on Saturday evening. I have to say, it’s the most intriguing and cool thing I’ve ever experienced.

I’ve always been fascinated with Hypnosis and Regression but at the same time been convinced that it wouldn’t work on me (as probably everybody thinks). We did three things. The first one I felt real calm but remembered everything afterwards, the second time I went in to a light trance and felt kind of.. dizzy. But the third time… oh my… that kind of shook me. She made me concentrate on one finger at a time, really feel the fingers. And after that… I can’t remember a thing she said to me. And not a thing I said to her. I “woke” up thinking I fell asleep but she reminded me that when she told me to count to ten at the end, and feel clear after “ten” I actually did that on my own.

It is without a doubt the most fascinating thing I ever done! And next time she’s going to learn about regression (going back to earlier lives) and test it on me. I have my doubts (again) that she’s going to succeed but I’ll give it a fair chance since I really believe that we’ve lived before. I can hardly wait! Be ready for an update.

These  photos I took this morning. The fog hung thick over the water but it’s a little hard to see. It was beautiful, anyway. And of course, the sunrise behind the trees.


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