Friday, December 10, 2010


It’s Friday. I should do all sorts of things in the house to “make it ready” for the weekend. The only thing I’ve done is vacuum the stairs and hallway and started the washing machine.  And now, instead, I’m sitting here, planning for Christmas candy and what food to make.

I’m sort of like the cats. They should be out hunting for all the mice around here. Instead they’re lying flat in front of the fire place. They’re bad influence, that’s what they are.

And by the way, I should blog a little too, I’ve done that too little the past days. So that’s what I’ll do. For a little while. And also play Farmville on Facebook. Yes.

I love this drawing. It reminds me of Astrid Lindgren’s Christmas. No mobiles, no TV, no stress, just Christmas and what it’s all about. Cosy.

vintage christmas

Pippi celebrates Christmas (in Swedish).


A joyful Friday to you!


D. Jean Quarles said...

And to you! Lovely. I'm doing the same. Taking a time out from doing, doing, doing. Enjoy!

Acquired Objects said...

You've done more then I have, I started the wood stove and went and had a facial. Hey, I'm old, it takes a lot to hold my face up! Enjoy your relaxing!

Anonymous said...

Oh I think our body needs time to procrasinate! It's a way of telling us to stop and smell the roses. That's what Christmas is all about, well, except for all the preparation that seems to rest solely on our shoulders. :D :D oh go ahead procrasinate, you will soon not know what hit you!!!
Happy Third Advent