Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh well

Last night they sent a new Swedish documentary about Wikileaks / Julian Assange. First of all; I totally agree with his philosophy. All classified information must out to the people. We have a right to know what’s going on “behind closed doors”, which the videos shown clearly prove. I got a stomach and heart ache when I saw it. I nearly cried when I heard how they bragged about killing innocent people in Bagdad. They didn’t care whether it was children or grown ups.

American authorities demanded that Wikileaks returned all their information immediately and it’s of course obvious why; they don’t want the world to know how their soldiers really act inhuman and evil and show what video games and being a long way from the consequences of killing means. It does something with them. They lose their sense of understanding what a human life is worth. They don’t give a damn. Simple as that. They should be prosecuted and get  death sentences or at least life in prison for what they’ve done.

And honestly, I don’t believe a word of what Assange is being accused of. I think these women has been bought to stop him from doing what he does. That’s politics for you. That’s how people with power act. That’s how it works. He’s done nothing wrong but shared with us information. And that is not illegal!


Now, I guess you’ve all heard it. Stockholm was attacked. Of course it was terrorism, even if the police won’t confirm it. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out! Luckily he didn’t really succeed in what he planned to do. No one died but him. Ironic. But of course the country is in chock. We thought we lived in a country that would never experience terror. We thought we lived so far away from all that. We’re just a small, unimportant place up in the north. We were wrong. And now it will never be the same. It may very well happen again. All the Nordic countries are suddenly at risk. A terrorist attack could happen at any time. There’s no way of knowing.

The fact that he did it on a Sunday, two weeks before Christmas when a huge amount of people were out shopping, on the most crowded place in Stockholm shows the evil behind it. I doubt he was alone. And as the CIA sad, if Al-Qaida takes responsibility we are definitely “screwed”. In that case we are suddenly side by side to London and New York.

I’m worried!   

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