Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Good morning world

Two things get my attention these days. The Swedish train chaos and Julian Assange.

Sometime during the year, Swedish train company, SJ/Trafikverket told us they were investing 200 000 000 Swedish kroner to avoid last years winter chaos with uncountable train delays and stops and what not. They promised it would definitely not happen this winter.

What happens?

During the first days of this seasons first snow the exact same problems occur. Accidents happen. They are unable to handle the ice and the snow that fasten on the rail and the traffic delays hours and hours, if it’s not simply cancelled, and it’s a risk and a chance to take the train anywhere these days. And of course, nobody’s willing to take the responsibility. SJ blames Trafikverket and vice versa.


And this year, the solution simply was to have less trains going to and from. Obviously that cost 200 000 000…


It’s just amazing how the snow and wind seem to come as a big surprise every year. It’s like they’ve never had to deal with it before. It’s astonishing!

Julian Assange… This somewhat unknown person who thinks the world has a right to know what our governments are really about, and lets us know it. Really lets us know. So much that it explodes around him and suddenly he’s wanted for rape and espionage and what not. Now just about all countries want him, bank accounts are closed and he is at risk of being killed.

Julian Assange

It pisses me off. And it probably makes all the powerful people out there want to pee in their pants. They’re so afraid of their power being taken away from them, and being exposed to what they’ve done, and they will go to any length to avoid it.

I’m not surprised.

I hope they never find him. I hope Wikileaks continues to let us know. I hope the politicians get what they deserve. I hope the corruption and the “I’ll be your friend if you’ll be mine” game comes to an end.

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Acquired Objects said...

He turned himself in this morning!They don't have a thing on him except the supposed rapes, smart of him to turn himself in on those.Time will tell what comes of that but I'm with you on this one!