Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vintage beauty

Those classic vintage photos. They just catch my eye and I have to save each and everyone of them. I can’t help it, my computer is filled with them. I often wish we still had those clothes and those hairdos. And that special way of photographing. Sure, every digital camera on the market today can probably take such pictures, but still.. it’s not the same, is it.

Here’s a little (!) peek at my collection.

rare_young_celebrity_pics_99 tumblr_l1uw43t1nc1qaostzo1_500 Myrna Loy vintage tumblr_l2p76mR9Rs1qb7dheo1_500 tumblr_l2qytgA8v61qb7dheo1_500 tumblr_l2y6wyGHb11qafm1vo1_500 vintage1 garbo lillian_gish Jean Harlow

Hugs, Bettina

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silje said...

Masse nydelige damer! (mange nydelige bilder i hele bloggen din faktisk!)