Friday, June 25, 2010

Swedish midsummer celebration

Today, Sweden celebrate midsummer with the blue and yellow flag raised and likewise the traditional “midsommarstång”, decorated with flowers. Friends and family gather to eat good food (especially fresh Swedish strawberries), dance, play games and just relax in, hopefully, the warm, sunny, bright Scandinavian summer evening.

Tonight the sun sets a little after 11 pm, but still the darkness keeps away and about 3 am the sun rises again. It’s happy times and the fact that we’re already going towards the darker season doesn’t matter. It’s summer!

Have a happy midsummer evening!

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Hugs, Bettina.


anna k. said...

Glad midsommar önskar jag dig!

Bettina said...

Tusen tack, den var mycket trevlig, vilket jag hoppas in också var. :)