Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rape condom

The South African doctor, Sonnet Ehlers has invented a condom that feels like a knife when penetrating. It is supposed to “prevent” rapes. Or at least make the rapist come to a hospital afterwards, which will make it easier to arrest him. The condom can only be removed by a doctor.

I can understand the idea. But somehow it doesn’t hold up. Won’t it make the woman feel more vulnerable and afraid when always reminded of the risk? And what if she actually want to have intercourse, she’ll have to visit a doctor first and afterwards she’ll have to go to a doctor again to put it back in. Seems complicated.

Kind of a bad idea, if you ask me.



Hege said...

En leser ønsker deg en fin St.Hans!

Bettina said...

Tusen takk, jeg hadde en veldig fin kveld og det håper jeg du og hadde. Faktisk rakk jeg og feire både norsk og svensk midtsommer. Ikke ille. :)

Stephanie Fox said...

I bet the person who invented this condom has a vivid imagination. omg...
It's just so bad that people have to invent things like this to prevent rape.:S