Monday, June 6, 2011


We took a trip out to Stendörren, which is a preserved area just outside Nyköping, on the coast of the Baltic Sea. By bridges one can walk out to the warm naked rocks and reach the glittering water.

Records noted that the fairway through Stendörren was used by King Valdemar in the 1300 centenary. It is still used frequently by boats today.

The building is shaped like a flying Osprey, which is Södermanland’s county animal. If you are lucky you may spot it soaring in the sky. If you are even luckier you may see the white-tailed eagle.

A lot of tourists come here, but it still doesn’t seem crowded. There are a lot of secluded areas to sip coffee and have a picnic privately. Quite a lot of wind, but still, like the other day, warm and sunny. It always warms my soul to lie down on the rocks and let the sun do it’s job while listening to the birds and the sea.


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