Tuesday, June 7, 2011


There lies a tiny city on the cliffs by the sea, south-east of Terracina in Italy, halfway between Rome and Naples. This is Sperlonga. Its history goes back almost 2000 years and was an ancient Roman resort.

Much of the city’s architecture is from the middle ages but after the invasion of Barabossa in 1534 many buildings were destroyed.

Sperlonga has been a secluded place, with just a few more than 3000 inhabitants, but since the road to Gaeta was built in the 1950’s, tourists have found their way in the summertime to enjoy the long beach on the west side going all the way to Terracina, and a series of short beaches and rocky cliffs on the east side towards Gaeta.

The city’s main attraction is the museum that shows the remains of Emperor Tiberius's famous summer residence, La Villa di Tiberio.


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