Thursday, May 26, 2011


Kristiansand is the largest city in the south of Norway. It was grounded by the Danish and Norwegian King Christian IV in 1641.

Kristiansand is a “summer city”, large amounts of tourists visit every summer and “Dyreparken” – the Zoo – is the most visited tourist attraction in Norway, apart from Holmenkollen in Oslo.

The town is known for it’s square city centre and the oldest part of the town is called “Posebyen”. This part has the largest collection of low, coherent tree houses in Northern Europe.

Why it’s called “Posebyen” is somewhat unclear. One explanation is that the name is from the French “repos” which means “resting place”. This because the inhabitants in this part of town made good money by accommodating soldiers from the fortress.

There are many historical houses in Posebyen. Here are some of them.

Source: flickr

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