Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sweet porcelain

Good morning to you. It is such a beautiful July morning. I’ve been sitting out on the porch with my usual litre of water, enjoying the cats jumping around catching flies. This morning I’m a bit worried though, one of the cats are missing. The little one has been gone for three nights now and is simply nowhere to be found. As an emergency solution we’ve put out water and food for her but it doesn’t seem she’s touched it. I’m so afraid that something has happened to her and I’m starting to think she won’t come home. It hurts.

The picture is from French Larkspur and I just love the porcelain. I wonder if it’s Rice’s Italian but not sure.



Anonymous said...

I am a new reader of your lovely blog. I can feel your concern for your young cat and will send a prayer for safe return. Keep the food and water available for a least 2 weeks.

Bettina said...

Thank you for the nice words about my blog! And thank's for the tip, I'll keep food out for her (especially water in this heat).

Hugs, Bettina.