Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fill your home with second hand

… and get more for your money.

A few tips from Swedish Lantliv.

Remember to:

  • Bring cash when visiting a farm auction. And bring a chair if you feel like sitting down, which is nice when good weather.
  • Check porcelain twice. It might be damaged.
  • Gustavian furniture painted gray may be fixed to look old. Painted black has been popular for a while too, check for damages and renovations. Black is an excellent colour to hide changes.
  • Small items may switch places in boxes during show. When your box is sold perhaps you should take a second look to make sure everything is in there.
  • Don’t be too eager. At farm auctions many items may cost much more than at a city auction during autumn and winter.
  • Check where bids are starting so that your first bid automatically is the starting bid.
  • Check who you’re bidding against so no one in your family is bidding on the same item.

Good luck!

Source: Lantliv

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