Friday, September 30, 2011

Pink month starts tomorrow!

October already, tomorrow. And that means we go Pink again. It’s time for the annual Breast Cancer Awareness month.

There’s a ton of things you can buy to contribute. Here’s a few.

This years Swedish Pink Ribbon is designed by Lena Philipsson and Per Holknekt. It can be purchased at, amongst others, Lindex, who also has this pretty bracelet. The ribbon cost SEK 25 and the bracelet SEK 75. I’m getting both!

Ribbon for Breast Cancer AwarenessBracelet for Breast Cancer Awareness

The Swedish Crown Princess Victoria wore both the ribbon and bracelet yesterday, when she visited Radiumhemmet at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, to mark the start of “pink month”.

Victoria at RadiumhemmetVictoria at Radiumhemmet


Last but not least;

Don’t forget to do your monthly breast exam!

Happy October, all!! :)


LENE said...

Så fine både båndene og armbåndet er - det må jeg nok ha et av.
Ha en flott dag!
Stooor klem

Bettina said...

Jeg tror at sløyfene bare selges i Sverige. Det vil si; jeg er i prinsipp sikker på det.

Armbåndet selges på Lindex i Norge også. :)