Monday, July 11, 2011

My pride and joy

Check this out! I got it last year, for my birthday. It had six flowers and blossomed for about three weeks. I haven’t done anything but given it water now and then and look at it now – 14 amazing white flowers. I can hardly believe I “made” that. It is just so beautiful, I hope it never loses it’s flowers. The other one I have blossomed for five whole months, surely this one could be as kind.

I can never remember it’s name, though…

Orchid, of course.



sallie kate said...

Beautiful! I love orchids...and have one just like this (a gift) growing in my kitchen.

Oh, and it's name is Phalaenopsis, like "felon-op-sis" ;)

sallie kate

Bettina said...

My man told me just this morning it's name. It's so irritating when you know it but can't remember.

Phalaenopsis.. Latin, I suppose?! :)