Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On the move..

Finally, we took the decision to move in together. So goodbye Gothenburg – hello Nyköping.

Big step, from the city to the country side. Surely, I’ve had a year and a half to practise living the no-civilisation-way, but I could always take a break from it in the big city.

Now, it’s a huge house to manage, an ever huger garden and forest and water as long as the eye can see. It’s exciting but still, terrifying. Will I go crazy from the silence? Will I love the silence? Can I manage the garden (I don’t even have green fingers, not even the little pinkie one)? Will I know where to start making the house “mine”? I have no clue right now, only time will tell. And luckily; Nyköping is only 15 minutes away, with car, so I have to get my license NOW. And Stockholm is an hour away. So it isn’t all bad.

The pictures are from Ti Mo. They have really beautiful and special clothes! The two first photos made me fall totally in love!

Ti MoTi MoTi MoTi MoTi Mo

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