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Trollheimen (home of Trolls) was the first mountainous area in Norway to be released from the grip of the last Ice Age, and archaeological finds from as long as 9,000 years ago indicate that this is where early Norwegians found their reindeer hunting-grounds.

Trollheimen lies south-west of Trondheim and east of Kristiansund

Over the last 2 million years glacial activity has shaped the landscape, resulting in a marked division between Trollheimen’s mountains. Glacial arms and melt water torrents have created open U-shaped valleys in the east, and narrower V-shaped valleys in the west. Giant boulders broken loose by frost have crashed down into the chasms to form a harshly beautiful landscape. The western gneiss peaks are high and craggy; their eastern counterparts are composed of softer slate and limestone, more easily broken down to provide a rich, fertile soil. One of the remarkable relicts from this period is Litjhelvetet (Little Hell), beneath the peak of Trollhetta (Troll’s hat), where a glacier has gouged a deep hollow. The little lake, now filled with clear water, is called Trolløyet (the Troll’s Eye).

Sheep and cows find rich summer pasture on the hills but walkers may also spot less familiar beasts such as wolverine, lynx, arctic fox and otter.

Unfortunately trolls appear to be extinct.

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