Saturday, August 7, 2010


I read an article the other day about mindfulness. It’s of course one of the latest trends and I rarely follow them. Two of the tips caught my attention, though.

1. Perspective. Live in the moment, focus less on what has been. It might lead to less stress and worry.

Tip: Wright down three things you are grateful about, every day. It helps you to change perspective and affects your being. Research show that after three weeks of  doing this you feel better, you simply get used to feeling happiness.

2. Acceptance. Focus on accepting what is, be it good or bad. When accepting you can decide on whether to act on it or not. Acceptance results in you making more “sober” choices, not only acting on instinct.

Tip: Watch people around you without judging or categorise. Simply watch them.

My three positive things today.

1. I am grateful for getting seven hours sleep last night. Usually it’s limited to four.

2. I am grateful for the cats coming to wish me good morning every day. They love unconditionally and I do the same.

3. I am grateful for the wonderful view outside, lots of green nature and still water.


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