Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas is here

I know I’ve been absent. I really haven’t had any inspiration and I have trouble using the keyboard since my hands are really shaky. It’s a genetic thing that I’ve had for years. The last year it’s gotten worse, though and I’ve had to see a Doctor about it. This week I’ll be getting medicine for it – some kind of Beta blockers and hopefully it’ll get better.

I’ll try and fix the inspiration thing. Let’s start with this years Advent candle holder.



Anonymous said...

I have the same condition...I hear the medication helps a lot...good luck with it...I can't have it so carry on regardless. Bigg key boards help, and latex/rubber overlay if you can get it..God Jul

Ells, Scotland

Hege said...

God jul,og takk for vakre bilder i dette året. Godt nytt år 2013. Ønsker deg god helse.

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