Saturday, March 5, 2011

Beeeautiful apartment for sale in Gothenburg!

Check out this absolutely amazing apartment! And it’s for sale. In MY town. And. I. Want. It. Badly!!

Don’t miss the beautiful fireplace. Fireplaces in cast iron is normal to see in Swedish homes but this one is so special. I’ve never seen one like it. I could buy this home only based on this object.

The prize tag is SEK 2 350 000, which isn’t to bad for a renovated two story apartment with French balcony in the best area of the city!

The apartment building is a so called Governor’s House, named after Albert Ehrensvärd. The story behind it was that in the 19th century it was only allowed to build two stories high houses in wood and so one crossed the red tape and built the first floor in stone.

This way of building is typical for Gothenburg but can also be found in other places of Sweden.

Most of these homes were built for the working class and usually they had one room and a kitchen where up to 15 people lived together. Today the apartments are very popular amongst small families and it’s hard to find one to buy.

Enjoy the photos!

Source: Stadshem


Lisbeth said...

Wow Bettina...det var en lækker lejlighed...:-o)
Skøøøøøøøn ovn!

Hej fra Lisbeth

Acquired Objects said...

I just converted the currency and not a bad price in US only 350,000 so I say buy it Bettina. Love the exposed brick in places too!

Bettina said...

Hyacinth: Ikke sant? Kunne gitt ganske mange penger for den ovnen!!

Acquired: I know! I love it when one brings nature inside. It makes you feel so good, we need to feel in contact with the outside, I think. It's in our genes!